Great people make a great company.

At OAC, we′re blessed with great people who love what they do. We invest in our people and ardently share with them the fruits of our success, recognizing that they ARE our success. With the most extraordinary collection of right brain/left brain talents in the market research industry, we′re tenacious when it comes to teamwork and enjoy nothing more than celebrating our clients′ triumphs at every turn. Here′s us:

Jim Hoffman, President
Jim Hoffman

I play a fierce game of tennis. All you need is love. But, at my age no one really cares.
Joe Rafael, Chairman
Joe Rafael

From a shoe salesman to a computer programmer to a co-owner of OAC.
Seeing my partner Jim Hoffman′s smiling face is the reason I come to work everyday. What a life.
Shelley Hoffman, Human Resources
Shelley Hoffman
Vice President, Human Resources

At OAC we are one big happy family both literally and figuratively. I work along side my husband and son as well as a gaggle of co-workers I consider my extended family. Outside of work, I am proud of being the mother of my three wonderful children. They are amazing, independent and individual people who have blessed me with seven grandchildren collectively. Life is good.
Lance Hoffman, Vice President, Business Developmment
Lance Hoffman
Vice President, Business Development

It was an "offer I couldn′t refuse" that brought me to the OAC world, and ten years later I′m still grinning every time one of our clients tells me how much OAC has contributed to their success stories. Maybe I′m a highly-dedicated, "leave-no-stone-unturned" kind of marketing guy. Or maybe I′m just a sucker for kudos. Either way, it works for me.
Alma Riviera, Manager of Opinion Access Dominicana
Alma Riviera Engel
General Manager of Opinion Access Dominicana

I was born in Guatemala, raised and educated in New York City and lived and traveled to many exotic places, including Ohio. Now, I am very fortunate that I get paid to live in a tropical paradise, the Dominican Republic and manage Opinion Access Dominicana. Here I am surrounded by extremely talented and hardworking people who love working at Opinion Access and love doing the work that we do. Beats hanging in Ohio any day!
Amy Pedersen, Scriptwriter
Amy Pedersen
Scriptwriting Department Manager

I like to think that I write the words that make the whole world sing (or at least that make them give their honest opinion). Expressing one′s opinion is a privilege (in my mind). Making sure those opinions are valid and constructive is my calling. Research is under my skin, and helping people is in my heart. From being a nurse′s aide at an early age to being a diehard programmer now, it′s all about making something better for somebody somewhere.
Jon Churchill, Division Manager
Jon Churchill
Director of Operations

The opportunity to make an impact at OAC is what keeps me excited. I love making a difference and being given the freedom to use my skills and experience to do so is what keeps my motor running. As captain of my high school wrestling team I learned that finesse trumps brawn any day. Grace under pressure. It′s an OAC talent that makes our client′s job a whole lot easier.
Tim Dahoda, Project Coordinator
Tim Dahoda
Project Coordinator

"All the world′s a stage..." Okay, I couldn′t find a more subtle way to get in the fact that I have a BFA in Acting. And that′s relevant. Because acting is all about communicating and connecting which is what makes us so effective here at OAC. Think of me as sharp and visceral…wait that′s how I described my favorite book, "The Great Gatsby." No, please. No applause.
Scott Feldmen, Business Development Specialist
Scott Feldman
Business Development Specialist

Some people wonder why a daredevil snow skier like myself would choose research as a career. Well, here′s the deal. As a U.S. representative in the college world championships for show jumping, I learned the thrill of a challenge and the high of victory. Happily for me, OAC empowers its people to accept and meet our clients′ loftiest challenges then shares our exultation in success. Okay, so I′m a triumph junky. You say that like it′s a bad thing.
John Cerve, Tabulations/Scriptwriting

John Cerve

I′ve been with OAC from day one and have witnessed the evolution of the market research industry in a way many have not. Fortunately I′m with a company that prides itself on staying ahead of the curve when it comes to methodology and process. What keeps me hooked is the same thing that fuels my love of historical mysteries: there′s always something unknown waiting to be discovered, and in our industry it′s always based on truth.

Yolanda Milford, Personnel Manager
Yolanda Milford
Personnel Manager

At OAC, I′ve been a supervisor, shift manager, sample manager, trainer, recruiter, staffing manager, and now personnel manager. That pretty much translates into referee, counselor, coach and security guard. Through it all, one common thread has remained that I know to be true: do your best and your best will do good for you. My 12th grade English teacher preached that and, thankfully, I paid attention.
Lybov Kogan, Assistant Controller
Lybov Kogan
Assistant Controller

I am from Tashkent, Uzbekistan (no, it′s not the same place where the movie Borat was filmed). Some people call me Russian, technically I′m a Uzbek. That′s sort of like Brooklynite versus New Yorker. I help handle the finances at OAC, so I have to get back to work.
Clarita Guzman, Project manager
Claritza Guzman
Project Coordinator

I don′t know what was the hardest thing I′ve done in my life, be the first in my family to get a college degree, climb a cliff or give birth to my daughter. Either way, all three accomplishments have given me the strength to get through the intense OAC production meetings. After showing my stuff at a production meeting I feel like Superwoman - I can do anything! And, our clients benefit from a confident person in charge of their projects.
Terene Nembhard
Terene Nembhard
Project Coordination and Quality Control Manager

I grew up in Jamaica, you know, the place known for "One Love." Here′s what I love about our OAC team. Though we are from many different backgrounds, our company blends together all the skills that each person brings to the table to make it work like one well-oiled machine. I can hear Bob Marley singing, "We get together and feel alright," and we work alright too!