Online Surveys and Sampling

When did online sample and online data collection become synonymous? Despite what many would have you believe, they are not. If you’ve ever been disappointed with the data collection experience while working with a traditional panel company or any other firm offering data collection as an “add-on” to their core offering, you’ll understand the importance of working with a true online data collection expert. And that difference comes down to one specific thing: PROJECT MANAGEMENT. We recognize that sample is an important piece to any data collection project, but at the end of the day, it’s a tool – one that we have been using successfully for our clients since 1985. Asking a sample company to be in charge of your data collection project makes as much sense as asking a car salesperson to build you a car – you just wouldn’t do it. The tools are only as good as the person who’s wielding it – and OA has been building a foundation of solid data collection for over two decades, fielding over 20,000 individual research projects.

Online Sample:
● Panel: OA has licensed access to up to 11 million quality double opt-in panel members
● Diversity: Access to a wide range of different social economic classes taking your surveys, insuring greater representation
● Audiences: Consumers, Business Professionals, Healthcare Professionals
● Countries: U.S plus over 50 countries worldwide

With competitive pricing and exceptional service, we’re the perfect partner to help provide a superior online research experience. We have one of the industry’s leading production teams, which is why our clients keep coming back. We’ve been handling some of the most complicated projects to successful completion since we began more than 20 years ago. That’s why we truly understand the research process and the “why” behind our clients’ needs, and why even on a sample-only project you have daily contact with a project coordinator out of our US-based headquarters – someone who’s been working in market research for a minimum of 10 years.

Project Management:
● Project Management staff with a cumulative 100+ years’ experience in fielding data collection studies
● Daily contact with experienced US-based Project Coordinators
● No Project Minimums

Let us show you the OA difference, and the satisfaction that can come from working with a team who knows and cares about what they are doing for you.