Bilingual English/Spanish Experts

English Spanish data collection, bilingual teleservices

OA is the Bilingual English/Spanish data collection expert.

Ahead of the curve is where OA stays when it comes to projecting global trends. In 1995, we had the foresight to focus on building our bilingual Spanish teams five years before the census survey determined the explosion of the Spanish consumer market.

When we refer to being Bilingual English /Spanish experts we don't only mean interviewers, we mean everyone involved in the project from programmers to supervisors, to the Director of Operations, to the quality control team right down to the Project Coordinator.

Bilingual interviewing is the fastest growing segment of the telephone market research industry, just as the Hispanic population is the fastest growing segment of the United States population. With the launch of our Dominican Republic facility, our commitment to the valuable Spanish market became even greater. We do Spanish better and more cost-effective than our competition because we focus on and understand the levels of acculturation within the Spanish community.